Toypen UP_again.

Toypen is based in East London and specializes in digital illustration and Fine art.
Undertaking many different projects, playing with a variety of styles and freely experimenting a lot with new ideas yet trying to maintain a vibrant taste and mood.

Toypen was created by Ejay /Gpo A.T.,
co-founder and former member of the Gpo collective in Athens, Greece.
(check links section about crew work and links)

Ejay stands as the alter ego/graffiti name of Manos Venieris, urban artist, illustrator and graphic designer from Greece with a wide experience in various artistic methods and techniques as well as very chaotic portfolio since he has been through a wide range of projects workshop leading, personal projects and life experiences.

His work emphasizes mostly on new world order issues, instability, propaganda among other and works as a reminder who tends to expose underlying and twisted realities and does that by being a bit cinical and disturbing. The work presented here tries to maintain a personal approach to art and is presented in an abstract way or in the most simple and minimal.

His work is featured in "The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti "
by Dr. Rafael Schacter and John Fekner
pages 350-353), as well as in "GPO is the LAW" book by Gpo crew, in Kaliptikal magazine, Rag dolls blog, Naked but Safe fashion and art magazine as well as in Snake 21 handmade and vintage clothing and many more.

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